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Thursday, 03 March 2016 22:59

Discussion thread for episode 12.12.

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  • QQ

    Betsy Beers interviews Jessica Capshaw:

  • MFEO

    started trying to watch this interview but my computer died so will have to catch it later...was there any insights into Calzona or AZ and someone new etc?

    i watched last nites show...Callie had one line...asking April if she was ok...Arizona thanked Webber for making her fly and get out dating again...told him she was kinda a slut and thanked him for bringing that back to her...i really didn't like her much..i don't like how they write that part of her character..other than that boring once again..

  • ukfan

    Could be old news but just seen that Grey's has been renewed for another season. Wondered what the ratings where for last night seeing that last week it dipped quite low.

  • MFEO

    they are renewed again??? wow...i really kinda thought this may be the last season since it sucks so bad...but i guess abc don't have much else right now..
    too me this means no calzona this season..Penny is getting more screen time right now than callie and arizona...i wonder if shonda is trying to make us like her...i only watch cause there was nothing else

  • ukfan

    I just don't know where anything is leading anymore, ignoring the whole who's with who no one seems to be truly developing in their careers and for most time I completely forget that they own shares in the hospital. I think they need to move away from the couples centric episodes and move towards the medical stuff.

  • Anonymous

    Show is not like Penny and am disappointed they have Arizona going back to her old ways sleeping around and being "slutty". Just my opinion.

  • MFEO

    i agree with u Ukfan and anonymous...can't believe the ratings are as good as they are..honestly i thought they were die once they killed off many people were upset but hey...i was wrong...

  • Kat

    I haven't watched the last 2 episodes and from the comments iam reading I won't.... I hope grey's make a complete "U" turn ...cause what's been taking place is getting old and is frankly terrible writing....

  • MFEO

    we all seem to agree but someone is watching and shonda doesn't seem to want to change anything...

  • Miahavingadrag

    Honestly, losing interest without Calzona.My
    fingers are slipping trying to hang on to this ship. :(

  • Miahavingadrag

    Looks like the Calzona fans are the only ones who want them back together.The writers are having fun with them apart, like it's a joke.They laugh about it.I thought the fans mattered? We've been here since the beginning, don't we deserve it? I mean come on Shonda, say yes to us!!! CALZONA!!!

  • Meanttobe

    Shonda, Fan lives matter!! Calzona!!

  • no joke

    If not already posted, the ratings for this
    episode: 7.67, and Grey's was in the top spot for ages 18-49. Not sure why, but I'm still watching the recordings, or rather fast-forwarding through most of the episodes.

  • MFEO

    Thanks Nojoke...that is exactly what i am doing...but i guess enough of us are doing it that the ratings are still so good...i just don't get it...

  • ukfan

    The American ratings system confuses me; if you're in a good demographic rating that is considered to be high? In the UK 7.67 is considered to be high, Call the midwife received 9.2 on Sunday and that is the highest watched show of the year, that being said we are a smaller country.

    Guessing after 12 seasons whether you like the show or not you tend to feel obligated to watch it, I know I do. I'm wondering if season 13 might be their last as I'm pretty sure at one stage this show was getting a 3 year deal with ABC as opposed to just the one.

  • MFEO

    just read that Wilmar Valderrama (Fez from that 70's show) is going to be joining the cast of greys for at least 3 didn't say anything else...
    just what this show needs...more actors to share screen time with..

  • Chips

    Hi everyone it has been a while since i have posted anything but I just watched last weeks episode and I can't believe how far this show has gone down the drain! Callie, who the hell is that? I really use to like this character and now I don't even recognize her! Wow, and Arizona and webber, really? He is like a pimp for her! What in the hell did they do to these Characters that I use to love? The one thing I did take away from Arizona is that she is not serious about any of these girls that she is dating because she is doing the thing that she hated Callie doing and that was calling someone something other then their name.(Remember callie with the babysitters?) April has always bored me with her SL. Also why did Meredith not bring her patient to the OR faster? It would have saved her. The only thing that I could see was all these Doctors are like teenage kids! I have worked in health care for years and I have never seen professional act anywhere closes to any of these people. I know that it is a TV show but someone must of really hurt Shonda that she likes to make all her couples such a mess and never be happy? Any how end of rant.

  • MFEO

    Hey Chips...welcome back...i completely agree with everything you said..I loved Calzona but am not loving either of these characters now...honestly there isn't really one i do like a ton anymore..and i sure as hell would not go the grey sloan for medical
    the dr's are either fighting, or in on call rooms

  • Chips

    Hey MFEO, thanks for the post. I see a lot of the people have gone by the way side. I have know idea what they are going to do with any of the couples.....they are all a mess! Hang in there but I don't know how long all you guys will? I'll check in from time to time. :whistle: Oh by the way, what happen to the rule of the attending sleeping with the residents?
    Chow for now!

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