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Thursday, 17 March 2016 19:21

Discussion thread for episode 12.14.

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  • Anonymous

    With so much screen time for Penny I'm convinced she will be made a regular....ugh! She is so blah..and should be gone by now ..served the purpose of Derecks Doctor when he died but they keep on throwing her at us.

  • Anonymous

    Happy to see her a little bit more...butit wanna be hard for the next part of the season...waiting more than the other time...

  • MFEO

    well hopefully the next couple of episodes will have calzona and will give us an indication of what's to come...meaning callie starts to see arizona again or penny gets more involved in callie and sofia's life

  • MFEO

    just saw the promotional pics for 12x16 the episode where sofia needs stiches..looks like lots of penny shot her and callie look very serious...anyone see them yet?

  • Bootz

    Yeah I saw them. There was one picture of Arizona and Sofia with Callie touching Sofia's foot. There was one with Penny and Sofia, one with Penny and Callie, one with Penny and a new chick and one of Penny by herself.

    It's nothing but Shonda up to her ole tricks with the 'queer bait'. I will bet you anything that is the only scene with Arizona and Callie in it, and probably the only one with Arizona. And the sad thing is it's not even the coming episode but the one after.

    I hate that we (this forum) are the wiser fandom in that we don't fall for the crap that's been offered up the past two season. Last season Shonda and Co used every little thing to throw at us to get us to watch. Like Arizona first plane ride after the crash, she got on the plane no biggie, or when there was a plane crash. We thought it would be a good time for she and Callie to have a moment, but instead it was she and Meredith in a closet comforting each other. Or when she found out it was Alex who cut off her leg, that was another missed opportunity or when Arizona made the comment about cutting off Callie's leg was in joking form as the comment about the cheating.

    And this year EVERYTHING sacred Callie and Arizona had been tarnished by Penny, and now she's at Sofia's bedside. After that episode with Sofia there is nothing left of Callie and Arizona.

    One last thing and my rant will be over. You may think the rating are holding and maybe they are for Grey's, but viewers in general are seeing how Greys and its fandom are handle and giving up on Scandal and HTGAWM. Both of those are tanking. Now I'm done.

  • ukfan

    When I first saw those pictures the old calzona excitement came back but thinking about it this is probably a story about Penny & Callie. Either that Penny doesn't fit into Callies family or integrating Penny into Callie's family, either way I don't think it will be a nice Calzona scene ... Arizona will most likely appear to be the third wheel in her own family. It's a shame that a nice cute story of two people can be so badly damaged. I think the problem lies in the fact that Shonda dumped Grey's to a bunch of new writers in order to make success of her other shows which as you said Bootz are failing. It feels like Shonda is wanting to break every record of having the most amount of shows on one network rather than having a one or two successful shows on one network ... power crazy!

  • Bootz

    Hey Ukfan I think Shonda has released two photos with Callie and Arizona the one in scrubs at the sink and the one by Sofia's bedside;,but she has yet to release a story with any details and only the last picture came with an air date. It's just enough to get the fandom in an uproar and all excited, making up scenarios and fanfic of them 'finding their way back to each other' and when Shonda don't deliver the hate mail starts. And Shonda will do this until the finale because she can and she knows for the most part it will give the fandom false hope and something to discuss.

    Most thought Penny would be gone by now, but unless she dies or move away with this grant which I've read mentioned she will be a regular next season.

  • ukfan

    I really hope Penny is gone by the time next season starts, she just doesn't fit in with the cast and personally I just don't care for her at all.

    There have been rumours that a main cast member is leaving at the end of this season. I've only seen this speculation over on L Chat and I think it is people presuming it's Stephanie due to her being in some other shondaland production.

  • MFEO

    Stephanie who lol... she gets about 10 seconds screen time and doesn't get much in the way of SL's at all.
    Maybe Callie will leave and Penny will go with her..or maybe it will just be Penny leaving. I'm hoping again...i seem to say this every week that maybe after tonight or next week we have a better of idea of what Shonda's direction is for Callie, Penny, Arizona and Calzona..

  • follow

    Where do you know that it is Sofia that girl? Just speculating and hoping or there were some spoilers I missed?

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