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Thursday, 24 March 2016 18:20

Discussion thread for episode 12.15.

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  • Chips

    Is anyone here? :huh:

  • Anonymous

    Hey,I read something on live journal about an episode 19 spoiler but they didn't say what it was....anybody know something??

  • ukfan

    I've yet to watch the past two episodes but been reading that everyone hates arizona?

    I was wonder that too anonymous .... If anyone hears anything please post.

    Happy Easter!

  • ukfan

    Saw this and thought I'd post:

    Grey’s Anatomy: There’s a Fine, Fine Line
    (First Aired: April 14, 2016)
    As Chief Miranda is faced with the repercussions when Ben operates on a pregnant mother even though he does not have the proper surgical equipment.

    Grey’s Anatomy: It’s Alright, Ma (I’m only Bleeding)
    (First Aired: April 14, 2016)
    Miranda forms an advisory committee to recommend disciplinary action against Ben; April and Jackson try to get along for their baby’s sake; Arizona’s decision could affect her relationship with Callie.

  • Turtle

    What relationship?

  • Radiancegrace

    Lol, Turtle, My partner and I are just getting to this episode. I just saw the scene where Az tells Callie about her error. Had to come to the board and see the comments.
    This one of yours is precious

  • QQ

    I wonder if April is still angry with Arizona by ep 19.
    I think Arizona's decision probably have something to do with Sofia.

  • MFEO

    that seems to be the concensus over on LJ. does anyone know the spoiler yet?

  • ukfan

    I think like many others the term 'relationship' has completely thrown me. I mean they have a little bit of a friendship when Callie remembers Arizona and Sofia exit but we've barely had anything from them. It has to be something to do with Penny or Sofia ... Career wise their paths rarely cross for it to affect them.

    MY theory is whatever Arizona is planning on doing she won't in order to not hurt Callie. I think everyone will expect her to do whatever it is because of how to acted with April.

  • MFEO

    makes sense...i'm reading a lot of people speculating that AZ will file to adopt sofia..since mark is gone i guess she can now and everyone is guessing that she freaks out a bit when sofia gets hurt this week and perhaps Penny gets included a bit more in her life.
    Not really sure how that would affect their relationship though...i dunno ..i'm awful at speculating. I always hope its something more like AZ will confess to callie that she still loves her and all the women she's dating don't compare and then callie might have to make a choice..but it's shonda so wont happen

  • Karen

    It's laughable really how they are doing this again. They are done aren't they, barely interact, Callie seemingly happy with Penny and Arizona moving on. Why are they now bringing them up in the synopsis, why write the scene in the last episode and In particular why have Callie call Arizona "honey"?
    Start of the road back? Penny still hasn't been made a series regular and I am hoping she won't be back for next season - I am for seeing a Calzona cliffhanger - just about the right time to start something.
    I have really no idea whatArizonas decision could be that would detriment Calzona more than it is now.

  • auntmarbles

    I think Arizona wants the leg Callie designed because of her.

  • MFEO

    You could be right auntmarbles but not sure why that would change callie and arizona's relationship forever...its the word forever that has me thrown a bit...

  • ukfan

    Maybe we are being played and they have the synopsis wrong ... least this has the Calzona fans talking again.

  • MFEO

    I'm sure we are being played...i'm just not sure how yet...i'm hoping more info will leak out or a sneak peek or something...i'm wondering if it has to do with Jcap being pregnant in real life...

  • Turtle

    Dude i was just thinking that. Arizona justifying her actions and going to Callie doesn't make sense. The stupid thing that popped in my head is that Arizona somehow goes off and gets knocked up with Callie's baby. I say this because lets face it Allot of stuff happens off screen that we are suppose to know happened. I think this because in the mili second they considered getting pregnant and then considered a surrogate i want to say they may have gone off and gotten their eggs harvested and although they are no longer married someone must own said eggs. Maybe Arizona goes off and uses them and hold off telling Callie that she is having their baby. I want to say that Arizona is listed as Sofias' Mom if not how stupid is that.

  • Turtle

    PS. we are so getting played but until this show gets canceled i have hope Calzona will live again- I will not watch but i will visit this site as speculation for the positive keeps my hope alive.

  • Anonymous

    Omg......last episode Arizona saying wouldn't you want to know if I was pregnant and Callie said yes but she'd want to hear it from her. just wishful thinking....probably more like she is head over heals in love with someone else and pregnant with theirs....some big thing we never saw on screen.

  • ukfan

    If its baby related then either of them getting pregnant with separate people wouldn’t affect their relationship, they’ve been separated for so long that they have the right to do whatever they like separately. Many people go off and start a family with someone else; it’s just the way life goes.
    If the thing that Arizona does is a bad thing the only reasonable option is its behinds Callie’s back after Callie has said no to something. But it’s confusing because they both have been reasonable people with regards to their feelings towards each other. Arizona cheated on Callie and it never said ‘affect their relationship’ so it’s confusing as to what this new thing is.

    Sofia related would be out of the blue because they’ve both again been reasonable in terms of custody unless Arizona takes Sofia away from Callie but again that seems like something that could be resolved as many custody battles are.

    I really think the synopsis has been exaggerated and it’s going to be nothing serious.

  • MFEO

    ya i tend to agree with you Ukfan. I think it must be something custody related just cause Sofia is in a few episodes...I think maybe Arizona wants to adopt her and that would tie her to Callie i guess that could be considered changing the relationship forever...i saw the bts photos of 12x21 and penny and callie are still together from the looks of things..

  • Anon

    I haven't watched the last seasons but I've still read up about them just to know what happens.

    However, my first thought (I'm a pessimist) when I read about this spoiler is that Arizona is leaving for another job somewhere not close. After she watch Callie and Penny care for Sofia when she's hurt she'll just break down and realize that she really is out of the picture and that Callie is happy playing family with Penny.

    So, she'll leave since she doesn't have any legal rights to Sofia but still tells Callie that she hopes she can see her sometimes.

    Yeah, yeah, I'm a pessimist but I don't have any faith whatsoever in Shonda.

  • MFEO

    neither do i and you could very well be right...i hope not but shonda seems to love killing the fans telling the merder fans they are endgame she would never break them up then gets mad at the actor and kills him off and now has mer dating again...same with us calzona fans...

  • Bootz

    Thank you Anon, but that is what I've been thinking since tptb released that bit of 'queer bait'.

    (Someone on LJ made a comment about not liking that word and was saying something about Penny and Callie in all their gayness, but for me Penny don't count. Maybe if she was with someone else I might would watch her but not with Callie please. And I still say Shonda is laying out her 'queer bait'.

    Callie and Arizona has no relationship, not friendship, not even co-parenting nothing and over on LJ they are racking their brains trying to figure out something that has not existed all season. And they are the ones who still watch the show. Aside from the last episode they have had NO interaction, let alone a relationship.

    Penny is shady, I said it before and I'm standing by it. How can you come to work at a hospital and not 'Google' it. How can she not know who Callie was and her position at the hospital. Maybe Arizona finds out the real reason why Penny came to Grey Sloan and tries to tell Callie first and Callie turns on her. (Okay that one just came out the backside, I don't give that much thought to Penny)

    But I do agree with Anon. With all that happening to Arizona right now, I think she feels alone and isolated. And maybe Mama Avery offers her a lab somewhere where she can go and work on theories to help April's baby (out the backside), and after seeing Callie and Penny and Sofia she can't handle it right now so she takes a 'leave of absence'(to give birth for real)but to work on April's case.

    And at the thought of Arizona leaving Callie realizes how much she really loves her and rushes to the airport...., hence cliff hanger :D :D :D

  • Bootz

    So not only is Shonda feeling it, but it seems the whole network. Hope.....; to soon.

  • WTF

    ok i haven't watched in a while, but am i to understand that in the mist of Callie almost dying, Mark saying Arizona is nothing to Sophia, Callie and Arizona getting married, Marc dying, and Callie and Arizona getting a divorce that this whole time Arizona doesn't/ isn't legally Sophia's second parent. That's BS. if they go down that road. Second Arizona cheating was/is out of character her going to her sleeping ways seem like her backsliding so given all this Bull that's been going on with them I can see them making her run away which is just vindication that Callie was right all along her suitors cheat and Arizona leaves.

  • Chips

    Hi folks, I love seeing the ratings go down for ABC! Could someone please give me the link for the BTS pictures for Episode 20 or 21. Trying to get back into the swing of things.

  • MFEO

    I saw the bts pics of ep21 over on tumbler

  • Chips

    Oh, thanks for that MFEO, not sure how to get on that?

  • MFEO
    there's some interestesing stuff over there
    the bts pics tab is off to the right

  • Chips

    Thanks so much I'll go and check it out!

  • Anon

    Bootz - I like your ending with the cliffy :) Unfortunately I don't think Callie will rush after Arizona. She'll just be like OK. (But I do think it Callie's turn to run after Arizona and not the other way around.)

    I just wish we wouldn't be strung along this farce of a show with Callie and Arizona any longer.

    It's come to the point that I feel for Arizona. Heck, I think if I were her I'd up and leave, at least the working place.

    I mean seriously... this show has gone from being believable everyday life to being a total work of fiction.

    Anyway, so Arizona will leave for something to have her IRL baby and then come back for something or another. Penny will then have disappeared and Callie will begin her wooing of Arizona to bring her back. However, when Arizona comes back she's pregnant... And now Callie must face it..

  • no joke

    Just found this offscreen picture on Calzona twitter page of SRam, Penny actress, and Sofia actress. Had to scroll down at least 3 pages to see it. I'm definitely still in the negative column for anything good Calzona-wise, also even for Arizona. But I kinda like the uptick in the buzz and seeing familiar and new names here. Bummer...still cannot access The L Chat.

  • Radiancegrace


  • MFEO

    just went through the from the promo photos for next week there appears to be a lot with Penny in them...Man she is getting the screen time.
    Shonda really seems to want us to love her..

  • Anonymous

    Doesn't look to me like Penny is going anywhere.....probably a regular for next season.....ugh!

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