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Thursday, 07 April 2016 21:51

Discussion thread for episode 12.17.

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  • Dee

    So how do you guys feel about 12.17? Penny and the grant?! You think Callie will move with her? Based on her character, she seems to be that person who would be willing to sacrifice for love. You think she'll give up her career to move across the country with Penny? Still not a big fan of callie and penny but my hope on calzona getting back together is slowly dying. Just saying. :(

  • ??

    So am i the only one insulted that everything Callie and Penny are going through is mirroring what Arizona and Callie went through.

  • Chips

    Well now we can see how penny is going to exit the show. I know that this is going to have a lot of drama for Callie with penny and also with Arizona but can anyone really see Callie leaving with all she would be giving up? I guess also it would help to know if she has signed a new deal with grey's? Arizona and April talking again was nice to see. The thing with that was I really couldn't see why April thought that what she did and what Arizona did was different?

  • Turtle

    Yes i can see Callie leaving apparently this is de ja vu the Penny addition. except rather then break up they will sail off in the sunset and then return the next season

  • Anonymous

    Everything with Callie and penny seem to mirror Callie and Arizona only it turns out "perfectly"worked out with my guess is Penny decides not to go because she loves Callie so much where as Arizona did leave for a while..I can"t stand "perfect Penny" !

  • MFEO

    could be that they leave together causing the drama we are all expecting and if sarah doesn't sign they are gone and if she does when greys comes back next year they do a 1 year time jump and they are back at grey sloan... I think Callie would move for Penny...its not africa its still in the usa and it's only for a year so i'm sure she would get a job or work on her own research etc..

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like a very possible scenario MFEO.I just watched the episode and after seeing it I think maybe Callie decides to go with Penny and wants to take Sophia.Arizona takes her to court to stop Callie from taking Sophia but loses.Arizona is distraught and Callie rethinks her decision and decides she shouldn't take Sophia away from Arizona but tells Penny she should go not to miss this opportunity....Penny is gone !!!(and hopefully meets someone else while there and never returns). Too much wishful thinking?? Will never happen but if I was the writer.......LOL

  • MFEO

    ya callie and penny might just do the long distance thing...

  • Anonymous

    Whatever happens .....I just don't want Penny back next season ..she just irks me.

  • MFEO

    well we should find out shortly i would think...
    anyone else hear anything?

  • Hmmm

    Haven't watched the episode but what I gather from your comments it's not all that good for our favorite couple.

    Az wont take her to court? Callie will just say that she has no legal claim to her if it comes to that.

    So Callie will go away for a year really cementing that Penny is her true love.
    She wouldn't bend for Arizona but she will for Penny. They come back all legally married and Penny already adopted Sofia and since Sofia's been away from Az a full year she's taken to calling Penny mom. But as soon as she sees Az she cries and runs to her. Oh.. and one of them is pregnant and Arizona HAS to do some surgery to help.

    Az has, during this year, found her other true love and are settling in in her relationship with this person.

    Their happy ever after just not with each other. What did Shonda say a couple of years back? I will be good to Callie and I will be good to Arizona.

    BUT... I will hope for this:
    Callie does leave with Penny and stays away for a month or two. However she realizes that it's to hard to stay away from Arizona. She doesn't need her as a partner but she does need to see her every now and then.

    One night she knocks on Az's door giving her a speach about going away and missing her and now she is back. (Remember Africa)
    Oh and the twist... Az has decided to become pregnant on her own...

    Since we are repeating the Calzona story with Penny what better way than repeating this?

  • Quinn

    Since Sara's contract is expiring I think she will be leaving. And going with Penny would parallel the differences in her relationships with Penny & Arizona when they are in the same situations. And from what episode synopsis sound like Callie & Arizona are going through something big.

  • MFEO

    i do agree it's not by accident the penny/callie storyline is the same as the callie/arizona storyline. I think shonda has done it on purpose to show how Callie has grown and how she reacts now that she has found her forever person..

  • Hmmm

    I agree as well. I do think Sara is leaving the show since her contract is up. (But one can hope and imagine things :)? )

    I always thought it would be Jessica that would leave first of those two.

    Anyway, Callie might have grown and might bend for Penny because she is her forever person but I think she acts rather immature sometimes with the way she talks about Penny.

    Anyway I think we have all known for a couple of years now that Shonda never had any intention to get Calzona back.

    If what I read is correct her intention seems to be to try and break up everybody instead.

  • J.J.

    I think since Sara has been on the show for about 10-11 years she is probably ready to move on. For Jessica it's probably an easy steady way to keep acting and be able to have extra time with her family. It's just a shame the way Shonda handled their story. It had a lot of great potential and popularity, and she cut a lot of important things out. We suffered through Mark and stupid reasons to break-up, and Shonda dragging us along and it might end up Callie and Penny.

  • Bootz

    This is way out there, so forgive me;, but when it comes to Shondaland you have to go WAY OUT THERE :dry: :dry: .

    From what Jo recently stated Penny is a Resident not sure what year, and we don't know how old she is supposed to be. Most of the Grey's Fandom seems to accept that her presence was for Meredith and Amelia. I never understood why her presence would give them comfort in his death. True she was on duty the night he was brought in from the accident, but that was revealed at the party. I don't see anything she has done that will give them comfort in Derek's death. Oh wait she is such an excellent Doctor that it couldn't have been anything she did wrong :X :X .

    So lets put her as Callie new love interest and let's give Callie a romantic SL. Callie and Arizona are broken up so lets see how the fandom reacts, but it backfired. No one even cares about Callie and Penny. No buzz, no blogs, no nothing. Just more than a few pissed off Callie and Arizona fans when Shondaland decides to recycles themes that once belong to Callie and Arizona' but nothing to bring out the masses until 12x15 when Callie referenced Arizona as 'honey' and the Fandom blew up, alone with the rating.

    The show may cling to a 2.1 demographic, but the viewers went to a 7.9 which is the first in viewers since the Denzel Winter Premier. The next week Sofia's was hurt and the viewers only reached 7.6 when the fandom realized that the picture of Arizona at Sofia's head and Callie at her feet was the only family scene the three shared and it last 2 seconds. That was bait. And at the end of that episode saw Callie, Sofia, and Penny off into the night and the next week the viewers dropped to a 7.3.

    The ratings sucks no doubt. And its starting to affect the other shows of TGIT, not because the shows aren't good, but viewers in general are no longer trusting Shondaland to write and produce shows that are entertaining and authentic. We know she can produce drama, but drama for drama sake is tiring. Every major couple on Grey's is broken up except for Alex and Jo (and they are in a stalemate), and Ben and Bailey (trouble on the horizon). Where is the 'feel good romance' and the 'feel good medical drama' that once was Grey's :( :( :(.

    I still say there is another reason for Penny and either the SL has been killed, or it's been put on the back burner, or its waiting to be revealed. There has to be a reason she look sooo much like Owen and their character and mannerism is so much alike. Maybe she is from his long lost sister. Not a product of Riggs mind you, but some where in the family line. I told you it was 'out there'

    I know this is lengthy, but there is sooo much more.

  • Mammasue52  - Welll

    I agree everything is mirroring them... I'm not happy with that nor am I happy that they are trying to change the very core of each Arizona and Callie's character.

  • J.J.

    I recently saw a photo of the actress who plays Sofia in a hospital gown posing with Kim Raver who played Teddy Altman. Also there has been photos of several cast members who look like they are in a courtroom type setting. So I wonder how all of this will impact Callie/Penny & Callie/Arizona? It seems they must be trying to figure out a medical procedure for Sofia.

  • MFEO

    i hope that's what it is and not a custody battle. I hate that SL. where did you see the photo with Kim Raver? would be cool if Teddy came back for a visit.

  • QQ

    The pic is posted in L chat calzona.

  • MFEO

    Thanks QQ..i checked it definately is the actress that plays Sofia in a hospital gown with Kim Raver but they "claim" its not for a greys episode..

  • J.J.

    If it isn't for GA, it could possible be for one of the other TGIT shows. Since they might shoot in the same area.

  • MFEO

    shucks...i was hoping Teddy was back

  • Alisha

    It's getting harder to watch. I think I may stick to fan fiction about callie & arizona.

  • ukfan

    Are we still in the dark as to what the Calzona storyline is? I'm kind of hoping that it is a custody battle as I'm curious to know what legal grounds Arizona has. If it's the case of Callie deciding to leave Seattle for Penny it seems odd that Sofia would automatically leave with her since both parents have equal visitation rights. It would be interesting to see whether Callie feels she has more rights over Sofia because she gave birth to her.

  • MFEO

    i don't think we know for sure what the SL is yet..either custody or a medical issue seems to be the two most speculated ideas. the customy could be interesting if it were written well and accurately but i don't always trust shonda to do that...she's about drama and shock and ratings so not sure what to expect

  • ukfan

    I think you're right about drama and shocks, it seems odd that they've bundled this storyline right at the end. They've had plenty of time to acknowledge that they both have a child together yet for most of the season you wouldn't link the two together at all.

  • MFEO

    i think they just want the calzona fans to get all excited..again...

  • Mfeo

    It's official.. It's a custody battle

  • ukfan

    I just read that too ... interested and a little worried where this may be leading.

  • Dee

    Where did you guys read this?

  • Anonymous

    Again they are going to have Callie and Arizona fighting!!???? Really??

  • ukfan

  • MFEO

    Anyone still think they will get back together??
    this sounds pretty bad to me

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