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Discussion of 12.18 & 12.19 E-mail
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Thursday, 14 April 2016 20:11

Discussion thread for episodes 12.18 and 12.19.

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  • Mfeo

    What's going on? Anyone watch it?

  • Chips

    just finished watching the episodes and I am really lost on how I feel about the show tonight? We knew what was going to happen with all the spoilers out, but I was just hoping that it was not going to end with a custody battle! I knew when we saw the lawyer the second time that she was with Arizona. I think I just have to take some time to let it sink in. I'll be back! :dry:

  • Anonymous to me it seems there is no chance Callie and Arizona will ever get back together after watching tonight's eps. Still can not stand Penny. ( and not because Callie is with her and not Arizona). I hate to say it but I still think we will see a Callie,Penny wedding in the future. Whatever Shonda....don't know how you think there is Callie/Penny chemistry.

  • Anonymous

    Unbelievable, I think this is my last episode. I will keep checking here see if there's any reason to start watching again.

  • ukfan

    To be honest regardless of the penny/Callie/Arizona storyline this show has majorly gone downhill. I've been watching at UK rate and we've just had the episode air in which Sofia is admitted to the ER and the whole episode was a complete bore and somewhat cringe worthy to watch. I'll always keep up to date with what is going on via here but it's certainly not the show it used to be.

    As for the current situation of Calzona I think I'll hold out until episode 22 as that is meant to be good Arizona scenes. But I read that Callie said her and Penny wouldn't last a year apart? Doesn't sound like something that is going to last at all.

  • Mfeo

    Where did u read that? I think the heart wrenching moment in episode 22 is when Arizona tells Sofia she won't see her as much..

  • ukfan

    Honestly all my info is from L Chat at the moment, I've yet to watch this episode so my knowledge is just through what their saying.

    You could be right about the Arizona/Sofia scene, the part I am confused on is unless the next season is a years time jump then I can't see Callie actually leaving. Usually by now we would hear if there is any major cast exit and I can't see Sara leaving anytime soon.

  • ukfan

    *episodes (forgot it was 2 last night).

  • J.J.

    To me it feels like the way the Callie & Penny relationship is mirroring Callie & Arizona's relationship, it is to show that Callie is supposed to have learned from the problems she had with Arizona and do better with Penny. I think that Callie does really love Penny. I can't really see her getting back together with Arizona. I could be wrong since who ever knows what Shonda has in mind. But it feels like Sara is probably really leaving. If I was her I would too. Her storylines have been bad and very small. And a decent send off for Callie would be for her to be in love and have someone love her, that's what she's always wanted. And NY is something related to Sara's real life.

  • Anonymous

    I think that they just want a lesbian couple on the show weather they have chemistry or not,so now Arizona and Callie just look like co-workers now and that's how they wanted it to be.

  • Mfeo

    I did read a major character leaves but the speculation is its Stephanie.. Maybe it is really Callie. This is shonda being good to her

  • QQ

    Did you guys noticed that Sofia seemed to be more happy seeing Callie and Penny than Arizona? I am so pissed when Callie, Penny and Sofia leaving the hospital like a family. We never got to see that with Arizona, Callie and Sofia.

    The post sex scene with Callie and Penny is really gross. Callie sounds pathetic. Almost begging Penny to ask her to go with her to NY. I rather go back and watch calzona eating pizza in bed.

    I don't think there's any chance of calzona reunion. Shonda might want to show us the negative aftermath of a divorce.

  • ukfan

    I hated that too that penny/callie/sofia looked more like a family unit than calzona ever did but I think that was deliberate. It will look more likely that they will grant custody to callie but the twist hopefully being that they grant it to arizona.

    I agree that we won't see a reunion between these two anytime soon. I wonder if it will be brought up that callie falls in love so quickly and easily, had she ever been in a relationship where she hasn't loved the person.

    Kind of liking that arizona is standing up for herself and not letting callie call the shots. Callie expects arizona to just go with her plans regardless of how she feels, really hope arizona brings some home truths to callie in the next couple of episodes.

  • Mia

    I blame the writers for making the characters change every episode.Just my observation. :(

  • Anonymous

    Arizona is planning for a custody fight but I think she'll let go in the end. Ellen Pompeo said something about an episode where Arizona will rip our hearts out... probably saying goodbye to Sofia. Speculations are that the actress who plays Callie is leavibg GA. So Calzona seens to be impossible now. In Season 13, we might see Arizona falling for someone then...

  • captain

    I always think prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Your thoughts mirror my own. I believe as well that Sara is leaving the show. And while my hope has always been Calzona on the show I don't think there will ever be a reunion.

    And since the writers have put a lot of effort into mirroring Calzonas relationship with the Penny/Callie thing I believe this just shows that Callie never fully loved Arizona nor did she ever understand how she felt after the plane crash and the amputation.

    Really hard to understand that Dr Torres is an ortho surgeon since she obviously doesn't comprehend how to deal with patients after amputation.

  • Chips

    Captain, you make a good point about Callie never feeling loved by Arizona after the plane crash. She was always making everything that was going on about her! She said as much when she pulled Arizona into the shower. "It's my life now too!" Everything she was doing after the crash was to get Arizona back to the person she was before so she could go back to having sex and feeling loved? She never seem to care about Arizona at all and really feel for what she was going through? Now many years later someone tells her they love her and she is having this great sex so that equals love in Callie's eyes. Not sure if this makes sense or not? If you look there are so many examples of Callie trying to get back to where they were before.

  • Turtle

    This story line is stupid.I'm more or less upset that the question of custody, and if their marriage was legal even exist. Taking Sophia from her mother because your new "" is moving for a year makes no sense to me. Why don't you go and leave her home with her mother. You just know that they will play dirty which will future frustrate me. I would actually buy the custody aspect if Callie was the one who won the grant and had to move for 3 years. Despite spitting on who these characters where I still have hope that Callie and Arizona will be together. The growing issue with this hope is if/when they get together i wont like them being together because they aren't who they use to be and they people they have become are not people that i like solo or maybe even together.

    PS the said i would have liked it better if Callie or Arizona or both of them would have been killed or moved before all this BS that would have been a better death /almost annihilation of calzone.

  • Mfeo

    I don't think Callie is taking Sofia away on purpose. She knew she had to stay cause of Arizona but when az told her to make it work it's only a six hour flight I think Callie mistook that as go, take Sofia I'll come visit it's only a six hour flight.
    Not saying Callie isn't oblivious but that's Callie. I think this started as a big misunderstanding and is about to turn ugly. Question is will she go? I can see them doing long distance and just referencing penny next season. But to me it's obvious calzones is done.. She loves penny

  • ukfan

    I don't think Callie has even contemplated the thought that perhaps she wouldn't get sole custody of Sofia but now with the risk of leaving her behind she will begin to realise what Arizona is feeling. I think Callie will fight and things will get ugly and perhaps things will occur that Arizona gives her permission to take sofia but in the end Callie will stay. We'll probably get right up to the point of believing that Callie is leaving then a sudden U-turn of her letting Penny go.

  • Mfeo

    Just read the tvline spoiler for next week and I think Callie decides to stay

  • Chips

    I don't know how a character that is so badass at her job can be so unaware at her personal life? Callie has been shown time and again that she doesn't listen to what people are saying to her. Case in point, when arizona is telling her that it is not far to NY, just 6 Hours away. Callie takes this to mean that Arizona can come visit with sofia. Of course all it would have taken was for Arizona to COMMUNICATE what she was really telling Callie, but no, she goes to a lawyer! We are so seeing Callie liking the being in LOVE and not really thinking out her decision to go with Penny. I don't see any growth on Callie's part since she ended it with Arizona, it's all about the sex and new love, that is her life. Not sure if any good can come out of this court case? We'll see :pinch:

  • Mia

    People always go to the lawyer first right, then talk? COMMUNICATE!

  • MFEO

    That's been the entire issue with these two all along...they assume and do not talk..Callie assumes Arizona means take Sofia and go with penny. Arizona assumes Callie is taking her kid...I agree with you Mia Communicate...these two have learnt nothing...

  • ukfan

    Maybe the custody battle will get them to communicate; Jerrika Hinton tweeted "How bout Callie + therapy? Also Arizona + therapy. Basically everybody needs to saddown, love herself and move tf on" when asked who does she prefer. Obviously the tweet was light hearted but could be a sign that a lot of dirty laundry gets aired.

  • Captain

    Guys... I have a solution to this SL we've seen this past years...

    Let's do a Dallas makeover.

    All that's happened, well except Shepard dying :( has been Arizona dreaming while in a coma from the plane crash. Yes she's lost her leg but that's it.

    And, come the end of this season she'll wake up and believe everything she dreamed so while she now knows her dream was fake she still feels hurt by Callie and then let the next season start...

    OK, I know this is like totally not believable but I just had to put it out there. Sorry for rant

  • Anonymous


  • MFEO

    could be..the move tf on doesn't sound positive for calzona though???

  • RB

    Hi everyone, watching here in South Africa - the show airs one hour after the US, so the time difference kills us a bit! Anyone think perhaps JCap not returning? She is expecting her fourth...

  • MFEO

    Hey RB, Jcap just signed a new 3 year deakl so she's coming back

  • RB

    Cool! So we need not fret ourselves silly that Arizona's going to do something drastic like run off with Sophia and exit the show. Now, that would be drama!

  • MFEO

    so i just saw the promo photos for 12x22 and for the first time in forever there are none with Penny in them...not sure what that means but there are lots with Ben in them seemingly treating patients?? thought he got a 6 month suspension...unless there is a time jump?? anyone know anything?

  • QQ  - re:

    I think it's just Grey's inconsistencies. Shouldn't have a 6 mths time jump. 6 mths later and the custody suit still hadn't happen?!

  • QQ

    Calzona sneak peek.

  • Anonymous

    I call bull-shit. Callie decided there's no maybe about it she decided hence the stop calling her your daughter. Don't you just hate it when people fight dirty. Second its weird that they have been in this limbo of faking being friends for the sake of their kid. Grow up people. The only thing this Callzona experience has thought me is that therapy does nothing.

  • ukfan

    Arizona: Why can’t she come visit you
    Hesitant Callie: Because thats ....

    Hate to say it Callie but it sounds like you’ve made the decision that Sofia is coming to NY, don’t know why she feels she is being calm & rationale. Although I do agree with Callie when she stops Arizona saying “My” it really is an “our” situation. This looks like the calm before the very bad storm coming ...

  • Mia

    Oh boy,after watching that sneek peek all I see is fighting all over again.I thought they were suppose to grow and be friends? Why do we have to watch them fight again?Didn't we get enough already?I think so.Sad that they went there again.Sad.Sucks for the fans.

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