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Thursday, 21 April 2016 21:44

Discussion thread for episode 12.20.

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  • Mia

    Choose your side? What? What is going on with this show? Have they lost their minds? They said it would be a lighter season.More fun....NOT!They said Calzona would be friends and get along..didn't even interact much.What am I missing?I thought they were suppose to grow?Help me out here please.I'm confused. :(

  • Chips

    OMG, batten down the hatches, this is going to get a whole lot of ugly!!!! They are really going to get the Docs to pick sides! What the hell did Callie just do? All for, as Balley said, "running across the country for a piece of tail!" Of course Penny knows to stay out of this one! I think it will be her that knocks some sense into Callie, because she is not thinking about her daughter at all here. I am just thinking who would Callie listen to at this point?

  • CAfan

    I think Callie only listens to her V.

  • Siani

    Callie dropped a dime for a penny.

  • J.J.

    I love Callie, even through everything I love Callie. But why can't Shonda let her grow as a character. With Arizona in her life she had a perfect partner. But the character is still selfish, doesn't think of others, or has learned anything from the couples therapy. The whole thing has been a real disappointment. Shonda always acts like they will be together then goes the other way. I don't really know what will happen after all of this to bring them together.

  • Anonymous

    I only remember her saying Callie will be happy,Arizona will be happy ...that doesn't mean together...It doesn't look like Shonda has any intention of getting them back together only further apart.

  • J.J.

    I was going more along the lines of Shonda saying things like she's always rooting for them, and trust the journey.

  • ukfan

    Maybe showing this side of Callie is allowing her to grow, for so long we've seen Callie do what Callie wants ... Arizona has always bent for her but Callie has never changed. Right now she is doing the same she always does without realising what she is doing, having it pointed out to her can allow her to character to change. That's my hope anyway.

  • RB

    Shit a brick and build a wall! This is going to get rough! Arizona definitely comes across more mature and rational than Callie and her assertiveness at the end of the episode - very cool in my opinion

  • RB

    Forget 'a good man in a storm', more like the calm before the storm

  • Susie  - re:

    I thought one of the perks of splitting Callie and Arizona up was that they wouldn't be fighting all of the time!

  • Anonymous

    No way... Really pick a side? Is it just me or does this mean it is really the end. Is Sara leaving?
    In retrospect, I am afraid AZ will loose, give up in episode 21. I love AZ, I understand where she is coming from, Callie had no right to make a unilateral decision without first talking with AZ. However, the tides have changed, now AZ is cutting Callie off (something she hated, right). I have the impression Callie had tried to tell AZ about the school application in the coffee shop before they called, did I get that wrong?

  • CAfan

    Where's the Callie that cared about other peoples feelings? Oh where, oh where did she go? Why is she doing this ,is the question????She's lying to herself about so many things,I think.

  • ukfan

    If this were to be sara's exit storyline then it's a pretty shitty way to leave, fighting with arizona and a demotion at work. Whatever happened the yhe rock star romantic surgeon that we all fell in love with. Callie this past season has just come across as this unprogressive, unlikable love struck teenager, absolute assassination of a character. I would love for a calzona reunion but right now all I want is for callie to get her shit together and realise she isn't the only person on this planet that has feelings. Also wondering what is going to come of az as to her feelings and why she hasn't moved on from callie ... got to be a reason as to why she won't commit.

  • Chips

    For me all I can say after watching this and seeing the sneak for next week is, who is the person that is going to make Callie take her head out of the clouds and see this move for what it is? Why is Callie pushing for this move with 1 cent to lose so much of who she is and all that she has worked so hard for, also the chance to lose time with her daughter? What is going to come to light that will make sense of all the things that Callie is doing? Maybe we need a visit from the father!

  • ukfan

    When Callie is set on something she really digs her heels in, the therapist could only get the two to communicate but it was their choice to do that. When Arizona said her point Callie would interrupt (much like the conversations in their relationship), however this time it will be in front of a judge who needs (no matter what) to hear both sides and from this I think Callie will eventually have her moment of realization, this is the time she has to listen without interruption. I'm mixed as how I want this to go, if Arizona wins custodial rights Callie will stay because she has to stay yet if Callie wins she will stay because she chooses to stay. Callie just wants to know that she is loved and I think Arizona giving up her fight will show that and that could be enough for Callie to come to the realization ... there is so many ways this could be played out it just depends if the writers go the lazy route or not.

  • Chips

    We know how head strong Callie can be ukfan, but, this Callie is so over the top and all the viewers see it! Why are they portraying her this way? I really think that she is going to see all her co workers turn on her! We have seen her lie to get what she wants and gets caught at it. I stopped watching for a while because I just didn't see the point of watching these two anymore, but I jumped on the band wagon again and I think I am in for a big disappointment when it comes to C+A? People think Sara may be leaving Grey's but I think she is in it to the end.

  • Anonymous

    Yes Callie started all of this, but AZ is sure ending this; I believe Callie at the end, she was sorry, they don't have to go to court. I think Sara started her career as a Broadway singer in NY, she might be missing singing, I was trying to see if there any shows she's featuring in, couldn't find any.

  • ukfan

    Callie lying to get what she wants is new and a horrible side of her that I hate seeing, but her impulse to go over board has always been there (marrying George). I always thought when she was with Arizona she grew a little, yet she did have that annoying trait of not listening, maybe Arizona brought the best out in her. I wonder if she is hiding some feelings as to why she is reacting in this way but I think that might be me over thinking it. I do Agree with you that I canít see Sara leaving anytime soon.

  • Chips

    There has to be a reason for her acting this way! She is so way over the top trying to tell anyone who will listen that Penny is it for her! She is so perfect in every way according to Callie. From what we are seeing on screen she seems to be doing everything right in the viewers eyes too! She is doing everything right by not getting into Callie and Arizona's struggles for custody over sofia. I really hate to say this....but I think it will be perfect penny that points out the errors of Callie's way? Penny has really not had a miss step since she appeared with Callie.

  • CAfan

    I wish the writers would make Penny the bad guy.

  • Mia

    Isn't it funny how it was Penny who said to Callie,I didn't ask you to go because I know you have family here.Why is Penny even thinking more than Callie? Side note:You notice how Penny went for the grant even though she new Callie in her mind at the time, wouldn't be able to go to N.Y?That to me says alot about Penny.Just a thought people.

  • ukfan

    Episode 23At Last: Owen and Amelia take their relationship to the next level; Alex gains some clarity on his future with Jo; and Callie and Arizona continue to struggle with the current custody arrangement.

  • QQ

    May Sweeps Preview and Finale Spoilers!


    PRE-FINALE: Tensions between Meredith and Amelia ramp back up (and once again Derek is the root cause), Jo and Alex get clarification on their relationship status, Callie and Arizona's custody impasse comes to a head and ó in the biggest twist of all ó Jackson and April stop fighting and start acting civil to each other. Also, someone's gonna die.

    SEASON FINALE (MAY 19): "It's a really emotional episode," teases Kelly McCreary. "It's all about matters of the heart, and the culmination of a lot of challenges that we've seen in the major relationships, [especially] April and Jackson, Callie and Arizona, and Owen and Amelia."!14/greys-anatomy-may-sweeps/

  • Ari

    I know this is a late comment, but Sarah made a tweet that said "This is the end of Doctor "CallieTorres...."
    I think they are giving her the shittiest send off. The fact that they are sending her off is shitty, period especially for Penny. My heart will always be with Calzona. I love Callie, but Shonda has ruined her character over the seasons. She started to grown, then when the divorce came out, she went back to being a selfish, love struck teenager.

  • ukfan

    I can't find that tweet, who said it?

  • mfeo

    wow...if its true but that sounds weird that she would tweet such a spoiler...I did read in the paper yesterday that the actress that plays Maggie said this years finale is even more "shocking" than last years
    Shonda has also said someone will die...I wonder if they kill her off..

  • ukfan

    My money is on Ben dying, they keep saying about him being a risk taker this year (which has felt out of nowhere). Maybe he risks his life to save a patient.

  • mfeo

    hmmmm interesting Ukfan...I never thought of Ben..

  • Anonymous

    if Sara is leaving i'd rather they kill her off then have her run off with penny.

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