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Thursday, 05 May 2016 18:42

Discussion thread for episode 12.22.

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  • Radiancegrace

    Awesome! No sympathy for Callie on this one. It was Az's show tonight and she showed just what a class act she is. The ending was gorgeous. Az, finally, had her time and I am not feeling sorry for Callie, one bit. She started it and I was so proud of Az's strength in the face of a lot of BS

  • Mfeo

    So did az get custody?

  • Radiancegrace

    Yup. And she exuded All the Grace in the world to do so

  • Radiancegrace

    Hope I got that spelling correct. Anyway, I am SO thrilled.

  • Alisha

    Just wow! I'm hoping for them to come together!

  • I'm right&awesome

    :shock: What's gonna happen

  • Radiancegrace

    Callie is either going to get her shit together and do a 180 toward Az, or I would imagine she is on her way out

  • Anonymous

    Callie has to stay there is no way she is going to leave Sofia behind, that will be a total assination of her character... This is the end of Penny/Callie.

  • Turtle

    she doesn't have to stay she could go like Arizona said its only a plane ride away for her to see Sophia and after all supposedly Callie is in love.

  • Anonymous

    AZ lawyer was really good, loved her cross examination, nearly all the witness's for Callie ended up being kind of pro AZ. Callie's lawyer was playing dirty

  • Anonymous

    Two proposals next week, we have Diaz/Stephanie, who is the second Penny/Callie?

  • Dee  - re:
    Anonymous wrote:
    AZ lawyer was really good, loved her cross examination, nearly all the witness's for Callie ended up being kind of pro AZ. Callie's lawyer was playing dirty

    Also thought she is so smart without playing dirty! Callie's lawyer sucks.
    I am so amazed withhow Arizona kept her composure and didn't need to share Callie's imperfections just to win.

    But, did you guys see how Callie refused to hold Penny's hand when Meredith was hugging her? I am still praying for our Calzona to be together again.

  • Anonymous

    Dee, I am with you, I want them to just stop bickering and get back together. However, AZ is really really hurt, Callie will have to do aim spectacular to get pass that

  • Anonymous

    "Supposedly" she wouldn't even hold Penny's hand let alone have her console her, she turned to Meredith. It's too high a cost

  • QQ

    The last scene where Sofia was hugging Arizona, Arizona looked kinda upset. Was she hurting because she knew Callie would be crying her eyes out or was she overwhelmed that Sofia would not be separated from her.

  • Cafan

    Arizona feels terrible ,I'm sure of that. She didn't want any of this.All of this is brought on by Callie. She was being selfish and only thinking of herself. Remember when Arizona came back from Africa and Callie told her,there's two of us in this relationship,well I guess she forgot that.You have to consider that there's actually 3 in the relationship now.Arizona ,Callie and Sofia. They're the ones that will always matter!Hope they get closer from this.

  • Kat

    Finally an episode worth to watch from the comments I am reading

  • Beetle

    Just watched the episode. I haven't watched in a while so when I saw the outcome and link I decided to watch.

    Strange that they recapped everything Calzona been through. Maybe, and I'm grasping here but just maybe there could be some sort of way for them to reconcile.

    Anyhow, hated that Arizona couldn't finish what she started outside of court when they talked.

    However.... the pessimist in me thinks that Az will let Sofia go with Callie to NY.

    The optimist in me thinks that Callie will stay and Calzona will work towards being friends again.
    Wonder how the workplace will be now?

  • Kat

    I just got done watching the episode and couldn't be more pleased on how things evolved and the outcome. Callie was right about one thing when she said:" maybe I started something I shouldn't have" ...and she shouldn't have... Arizona couldn't have done this any better! They finally brought her original character back, the one we initially fell in love with.... penny needs TO GO bye bye...Callie needs to realize what she was sloop wrong on every level, and the cheap way she went about it, specially making Arizona look less deserving or competent or fit as a mother...she SURE paid for it, but what a price to pay!!! I wouldn't wish it on any mother! She better get her head together and fix what she destroyed....I know Arizona has a huge heart and will work with Callie for the sake of the child...YET, I really really hope that shonda will make them find their way back together.I will always vote for CALZONA.

  • Radiancegrace

    Kat, I could not agree with you more. I believe Az could take the high road on Callie's self centered and sheer out inappropriate behavior. It has been apparent that Az does not enjoy the way things are coming down, and yet, I admire her greatly, for taking care of herself and it paid off last evening with her getting sole custody of their child fair and square. Not once was Az sniveling last night. She examplyfied strength in the face of what I said earlier, BS. I was thrilled at the outcome, and that she won this time, hands down. I only wish I could feel sorry for Callie, yet, I am really turned off by her, "its all about me", posturing. I would like to see Penny go as well. Yet, do not like the way Callie treated her either.
    I was one who had given up hope on these two, yet, I can see how this could bring them back together if Callie can rise above and look at her harmful behavior. She owes Az a HUGE amends and Az was right, she would have never gone for the jugular on this one. I, also, liked Az's lawyer better from the get go.
    The ending was superb

  • Cafan

    RE:Kat,paid for it with a Penny! :whistle:
    Calzona strong all a long!

  • Kim

    Super happy with the outcome. Although I could see this be Sara's way out of the show if she doesn't renew her contract. Hoping that's not the case and we get a Calzona reunion next season.

  • mfeo

    I felt sorry for Penny...she really didn't do anything wrong...she testified pretty well..just the mixup on what grade sofia is in but I don't see that as a big deal..i don't think that hurt callie's case at all. I think Callie destroyed her case by bashing AZ..then at the end Penny tries to hold her hand and Callie pushes it away...WTF...Callie made this's her fault...

  • Anonymous

    This was some BS! There's no way in the world Callie should have lost full custody! You guys blame Callie for everything that went wrong in this relationship Arizona cheated numerous times while Callie stood by crying her eyes out and yet you guys still pointing your finger at Callie... give the chick a break! So the relationship ended and Callie went on with her life. Yes,she was wrong for trying to move out of the state with there daughter without talking to Arizona... but to give Arizona full custody! Callie need to go back to court and get a new attorney yesterday show with some BS! But mayb this is their way of bringing them back together, here's hoping,

  • ukfan

    Full custody was there because neither could compromise on joint custody, arizona thought about sofias needs (schooling and support) whereas callie thought of her own needs (sex). I agree both were in the wrong in terms of previous problems but people are pro arizona at the moment because of how out of character callie is being. This was the same when arizona cheated, people tend to sway but I think callie will right her wrongs in the same way I believe arizona has been righting her own wrongs.

  • Radiancegrace

    Very much agree, Ukfan

  • Cafan

    Anyone else notice they messed up the beginning history flashbacks?They showed them in front of their house where Callie
    was helping Arizona to wear her heelies again,then they showed her and Lauren after they slept together.It was the other way around.She slept with Lauren B.then got the house and kind of sort of made up with Callie.Remember?Anyone else see that mess up?

  • mfeo

    ya...I swear the writers forget what they write sometimes

  • LuckyLuke

    Just wow! Gotta love Az!

  • Anonymous

    I feel sorry for Callie, I wouldn't wish that on my worse enemy. Why couldn't they just settle it out of court? I blame both of them for this fiasco, Callie for being so oblivious started this whole thing and AZ was quick to lawyer up. There are no winners here the looser is Sofia, no matter which way it went. Imagine Sofia having to live away from Callie. I am with Alex, I refuse to pick a side I am on the side of Sofia.

  • ukfan

    I agree that it is awful for callie but I can't see arizona being horrible to not let callie see sofia, I would imagine that it depends what callies plans are..If callie goes to NY then she is the one moving away from sofia. Arizona was in the exact same position that callie is in now, just arizona stood up for sofis needs. The next episode should be interstella.

  • Anonymous

    How did AZ stand up for Sofia's need, I missed they part? All I heard was Callie saying she is alive today because she was pregnant at the time and she had stay alive and AZ sayi g she chose to be Sofia's mother and love her. They both love Sofia no doubt about it and are both great mothers. Callie will never do anything that will in any way endanger Sofia, she was looking for great schools. Like I said both were being selfish, thinking of themselves not wanting to be away from their daughter. Why wouldn't they fess up to Sofia about what was going on? Because they both know it will break her heart, if someone had to make the choice, she should.

  • Anonymous

    I agree, I refuse to pick a side. I am on Sofia's.

  • Radiancegrace

    I think Callie's self centeredness, ( running off with Penny) uprooting Sofia from her life at present, and not takings Az's or Sofis best interest or needs into account was sufficient grounds for Az to take the stand as Sofia's mother that she did.
    I would not share that kind of information ( for adults, imo) with a child, a child's tiny brain is not developed enough to wrap it around this, Thus, why it was left to both parents and ultimately a judge to make the best decision in regards to her well being.
    Callie, imo, had her own agenda without even taking Az into account. She pretty much laid out HER in plan for Sofia in a monologue, not a dialogue with Az.
    Callie just got a real dose of reality around not including Az in the decision.

  • ukfan

    Well said!

  • Anonymous

    To be clear I am not advocating they tell Sofia. My point is they could use the fact that they are ashamed to tell their daughter as a moral compass when you are making decisions based on emotions.

  • CAfan

    Sing it sister! I love monologue not dialogue. :)

  • Mia

    Preach!That's how you learn.I just wish they would learn already and get back together.Learn!They are beautiful together.They really do belong together.Arizona teaches Callie how to be a better person and visa versa.They just fit together.Calzona strong all day long!

  • Anonymous

    Callie is self centered and only thought about herself and how happy she would be with the move. Like Owen said when he was on the stand she's quick to jump into things. If her relationship was a serious one a year long distance shouldn't have been a problem. Even when Callie took the stand what she basically was saying was that she needs Sofia, again only thinking about herself. Arizona was saying that even though she loves Sofia she knew she would be okay, this showed she actually thought about her daughter not only herself. Callie has no reason to be mad at Penny when she basically begged her to ask her to move. I was upset that Arizona barely had anyone on her side. But I am hoping that Calzona will the surprising hook up in next weeks episode. I thought it was funny how Sofia had no problem when Callie dropped her off at Merediths but when Arizona dropped her off she begged to go with her.

  • Radiancegrace

    I really admire Az as she risked losing her own child ( even though she knew Sofia would be ok) to go save another. If that is not selfless act I do not know what is. She stayed true to herself and won sole custody. Me thinks that move was an incredible act of courage and leap of faith.
    I think Penny gets a lot of grief from a lot of people. I know she has some backbone as I have seen a glimpse. Along, with some wisdom, regardless if she could hold up under questioning by Az's lawyer. Callie brought this all upon herself. I hope she wakes up and not only sees her shortcomings but actually owns them and makes an amend to Az. It would be great if Calzona was one of the hook ups, yet how does a couple go from 0 to 60, that, quickly? Perhaps an insinuation in this next episode of them going forth next season? They still would have to walk through a ton, I would think to truly and believably reconcile

  • Anonymous

    Common, they both had the same argument which was basically they love Sofia. Yes, AZ deliverance of that message is first class and it quite frankly made me tierry. There is no way you can convince me that Callie believes that AZ is not a good mother. The fact that she didn't say it on the stand doesn't imply she doesn't know that. They both have a role to play here, at least in the last three episodes, you could see Callie has started to show some remorse, with Penny, Mer and even tried with AZ. They are in court because of AZ not Callie and AZ still has to get down her high and mighty horse. Who knows maybe she is that's why she looked so distraught at the end when she held Sofia. This is just TV, so no biggie anything can happen. In real life, there are some mistakes that just puts you over the top and there is no coming back from that. There are some decisions you don't just make lightly, if not for the sake of the person you were once married to then for the sake of the children whom you share. Once you are gone you will leave an emotionally messed up family behind because of what? Being proud!!!

  • Anonymous

    Am I the only one that thought Callie was talking about Penny and Arizona when she said I shouldn't have to choose between the one I love and the one I love when she was in bed with Meredith? I know that it was about Penny and Sofia but the love she has for Penny shouldn't even come close to the love she has for Sofia. Wouldn't she have said the one I love and my own daughter or something of that nature

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