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Discussion of the Season 12 Finale E-mail
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Thursday, 19 May 2016 19:50

Discussion thread for the season 12 finale.

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  • Si

    Yeah, I'm done with this show now.

  • Radiancegrace

    The ending was sweet. At the very least, Sofia is going to have two happy parents. As Az conveyed they did it wrong and she wanted to make it right. The hug between them was great. No big reunion, at present, yet, the first step if there is ever to be one

  • Anonymous

    I think that was just a goodbye hug between the characters and basically a goodbye to Calzona.

  • Si

    On Tvline it says that it was confirmed that Sara Ramirez will not be returning for Season 13. This was her storyline out of the show.

  • Radiancegrace

    Guess I read that one wrong, then, and did not understand it meant this was Sara's exit from Greys. Sad

  • Anonymous

    I read it wrong as well. I thought this was the spark of love between them that Kevin Mckidd spoke about in reference to finale. What do I care if Sofia will grow up to be a basket case so that her two moms can have her every year and she keeps switching a life between Seattle and NYC. Nonsense. It seems like a very last minute thought.

  • Radiancegrace

    Sarah Ramirez Leaving Grey's Anatomy
    Courtesy of ABC
    Sara Ramirez Confirms Grey's Anatomy Departure: 'I'm Taking Some Time Off'
    By Michael Ausiello / May 19 2016, 6:01 PM PDT
    Turns out Sara Ramirez’s cryptic goodbye tweet last month was much ado about something.
    The longtime Grey’s Anatomy actress — whose contract was up for renewal this season — confirms in a statement that she will not be back for Season 13. Her character was written out in Thursday’s Season 12 finale when, in the episode’s closing moments, Callie moved forward with plans to follow girlfriend Penny to New York.
    RELATEDGrey’s Anatomy‘s Ellen Pompeo on Meredith’s Sudden Romantic Detour: ‘We’ve Got to Lay This on Fans Gently’
    “I’m deeply grateful to have spent the last 10 years with my family at Grey’s Anatomy and ABC, but for now, I’m taking some welcome time off,” Ramirez said in a statement. “[Series creator] Shonda [Rhimes has] been so incredible to work for, and we will definitely continue our conversations. I send my love to Ellen [Pompeo], the rest of the cast and crew, and I look forward to always being a part of the Shondaland family!”
    Rhimes, meanwhile, issued her own statement, saying, “Dr. Callie Torres came into our lives dancing it out in her underwear almost a decade ago, and I could not be happier or more proud of her journey. Sara Ramirez’s performance inspired me as well as millions of fans each week. We wish her the best on her well-deserved time off. I will miss Callie tremendously but am excited for what the future holds for Sara. She will always have a home at Shondaland.”
    RELATEDGrey’s Anatomy‘s Ellen Pompeo on Possible Mer-Alex Romance: ‘They’re Too Much Like Brother and Sister’
    Ramirez, who joined Grey’s in its second season, is one of several veteran cast members whose contracts are set to expire in June. Her longtime scene partner, Jessica Capshaw, however, is not one of them. As TVLine exclusively reported, she inked a new three-year deal with the show last May.
    This marks the third major Grey’s exit in as many seasons, following the departures of Sandra Oh (in Season 10) and Patrick Dempsey (in Season 11).
    Where does Ramirez’s departure rank among past Grey’s Anatomy exits? Deposit your comments below!
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  • Anonymous

    The finale was great and no one died, not what I expected. AZ showed some class, what they should have done rather than go to court. I was excited for next season till I read that Sara is leaving :-( Jo is married, I knew that, the love triangle that will be fun. But I am just so disappointed about Sara, when I saw the last scene, it gave me some hope just to be dashed by this announcement. Now I am no longer sure if I want to watch anymore, I was really rooting for them

  • Anonymous

    Does Sara and Jessica get along? Funny in the message submitted by Sara she says Ellen and the rest of the cast. She acted a lot with Jessica more so than Ellen, right?

  • Turtle

    I'm fully out with a glimmer of hope as long as the show is alive. its more of a slither then glimmer but it exist none the least. I have to say i don't regret going on strike this season. I am curious to see if Sara's departure will cause the ratings to go down. At this point i doubt anything will do this but i awaits to see.

  • Radiancegrace

    I think they were doing their job, while the fans had a life of their own around Calzona. I get the sense Sara was probably close with some more than others on the set. Not sure she was or had to be with Jcap. They shared good chemistry, originally, when they met and began working together on Greys, yet, that does not warrant they would be close friends with each other any more or less than with anyone else on the set. I would like to think they continued to like one another and respect each other's work as I would think every one in the Shondland family does. I think the fans, as myself, read more into Calzona than the writers or Shonda. When she split them up, she really split them up.
    I am going to continue to watch Greys as I like Jcap. I imagine she will become involved with someone again and I will get on board with it, now Sara is leaving.'
    Yet, I will miss Sara and maybe this board. Perhaps the Calzona corner should change its name to Az's corner?

  • Anonymous

    I'm done....

  • Anonymous

    I get that they are both great actresses, I guess my point is when working in close proximity with someone for this long you have to be able to trust the person. Especially the scenes they went through, not necessarily the kissing scenes but the emotional ones. You have to build some level of trust, respect, confidence, friendship. How many 7 years, where I work after a couple of years you either get along or move along. Maybe that's not the case for actresses.

  • Beetle

    So, that really was a wrap for Sara and Calzona. They got back their friendship zone but they missed their happy ending as Arizona pointed out. Don't really think she just talked about the custody. Once again, Arizona bends for Callie but at least not fully.

    And clearly Callie really and truly does love Penny more than she ever did Arizona. So angry about that :angry:

    I think these last scenes with Callie was rather poorly written.

    Even if Sara later on decides to come back there will never be a Calzona reunion. Sad about that too.

  • QQ

    Classic Arizona in this episode. Once again, she showed that she is a good man in the storm. She will always bend for Callie. Does Arizona still has feelings for Callie at this point?
    I was hoping that with Penny gone, there will be a calzona reunion in s13. But SaRa suddenly announced her departure. Sigh...Calzona was finally done. At least we have very beautiful memories of them.
    Hopefully Arizona will have a hot gf next season.

  • QQ

    I still find it very hard to believe that Penny is Callie's greatest love. And that Callie so love her that she was willing to take a demotion and uproot Sofia from her village.

  • Mia

    Wow,I feel like it was one big waste of a good thing and my time.What happened to mfe?I'm out.I feel very sad.Shonda let me down.

  • RB

    How ironic that Arizona, who didn't want children, fought for custody of Sophia and that Callie, who was desparate to have a baby ('and motherhood is the reason she survived the car crash'), leaves her child behind to pursue her relationship with Penny. I understand Arizona changing, but Callie?

  • WASfan

    Really feel let down.You're telling me all that for that ending?Terrible for the Calzona fans.SAD just SAD. :angry:

  • Anonymous

    This is a bad bad bad joke

  • WASfan

    I wish it was all a bad dream.

  • Mia

    Callie never even said I'm sorry for putting you through all that.This whole season made Callie look bad ,then she's gone.I don't get it.Why?

  • Chips

    Wow! Did I call it wrong saying that Sara was not going anywhere!!!! This whole SL was just such a big let down, I just feel so empty from that ending.
    How could they have such a ugly ending for such a beloved character? The writing was just so poor for these two since the break-up. I really don't see Arizona's character doing well without Callie around? Her SL's really were not that interesting with the exception of Dr. Herman. Jessica's story began with the fact that she had good chemisty with Sara and her SL always had something to do with Sara's. Again Shonda has let a whole fan base down! Well now I can let this show go and stop wondering what else is going to happen. I don't know what else would make me watch, but seeing clips from time to time may make me watch? Sorry for ranting it's been fun to have a place to come each week! Chow!

  • ukfan

    From what I understand this isn't a permanent exit for sara as her tweet reads 'time off'? They seemed to destroy callie character which was sad to watch and the part that annoys me the most is the custody battle, it was just a complete and utter waste of a storyline. Then again I did read that they had to change a storyline last minute which could well be this case. This must be how the merder/crown felt.

  • Kim

    I had read at one time that Sara and Jessica did not get along - which I find hard to believe with the chemistry that their characters had. Did anyone else ever hear/read that or was it just rumor? Anyone know?

  • ukfan

    I think it was just rumours and this exit came purely down to failing to reach negotiations in her contract.

    I still can't understand the custody arrangement, arizona gets her on the weekend, summer and every other school year ... so sofia will be going to two different schools to keep her parents happy? How does that even work??

  • Kim

    I was hoping it was just rumor because they seemed to have amazing chemistry on screen and I would think that would be hard to do if they truly did not like each other off screen.

    I totally agree about the custody arrangement - why would they put a kid through that - having to switch schools every other year - unless they anticipate that Callie will be back in Seattle in a year after Penny's grant is over?

  • Radiancegrace

    I agree. I think Jessica and Sara most likely get along well. Just because they had on screen presence, it does not necessarily mean anything was holding them to be close buds, off. The question did arise though and some felt or indicated that perhaps they did not get along thus in somehow played into their on screen spIit. I even went so far as to wonder if they were separated onscreen as a result of Jcap's husband expressing a degree of jealousy or insecurity in regards to their on screen romance. I doubt it, yet, it did cross my mind, when Jcap expressed it in an interview and thought it was cute.
    They talk so fast that I needed to read others break it down, here, in regards to the custody terms. Good insight, Ukfan.

  • Kim

    Oh I didn't know that JCap's husband had express jealousy or insecurity about their relationship? Did she express that in an interview I could find somewhere online?

  • Radiancegrace

    I actually saw her on an interview on TV. I think it was a result of an Internet search I did on her back when she first became involved with Callie. She told the interviewer that her husband and her followed Greys and one episode where she or Callie told the other, "I love you" prompted his response, of you did not tell me this was going to occur. Jcap laughed, on the interview and expressed she thought his insecurity was endearing.
    Try to go back and research any interviews she has done, Kim. Best, I can tell you. It was when she first began Greys.

  • RB

    What if Sarah Shahi gets signed on to play Arizona's new love interest?

  • ukfan

    I would welcome that :)

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